Down Flow System
Filters are installed horizontally, not vertically.
It has a structure which makes dust fall into
Dust Box without flowing in whirls and rescattering.
Dust which could not fall into Hopper because of
upward flow don't penetrate into filters, so it
doesn't have a chance to shorten longevity and
lower the efficiency of collecting dust.
It's not required to enlarge the dust collector
volume for reducing ascent speed, so the dust
collector can be installed in minimum space.
Rotary valve is not required.
Modular Baghouse Design
System increases dust collection capacity from 10m3 / min to 3500m3 / min by simply
laying up standard modules which are pre-manufactured.
It reduces installation cost, transportation fee, crane charges and etc.
It saves installation cost by simplifying site work.
It saves labor cost by mass production.
Utilizing space economically
It can be installed at the corner of work space because of the design which
utilizes utmost work space.
The size of bag housing is smaller than one of other manufacturer's.
The down flow characteristics and the use of pleated bag make it possible to
reduce the area to 1/2, the volume to 1/5 compared to conventional dust
collectors, so surplus spaces can be utilized for other purposes.
Pleated Filters
99.95% over up to 0.2§­~2§­
Available air cleaning and washable
Filtering area is İŞ190 x 800L(4§³) and İŞ190 x 1200L(6§³)
which secures more than 10 times of filtering surface and
improves filtering surface per unit volume significantly.
Using low pressured air (3.0kg/§²) provides longer bag
longevity and saves energy.
Bag replacement
DustKing is required to open the vertical door at ground
level in replacing filters, so labor cost can be saved.
Whereas, conventional dust collectors are required to open
hatch cover and then disassemble Venturi and Bag Case in
replacing filters and maintaining service.
There is no worker's safety issue in maintenance service.
Any workers can manage it without special training.
Even system operators can replace it easily.
No special tools are required in maintenance.